5 Elearning Authoring tools


Author your own learning courses by creating content, defining learning objectives, and measuring learner’s success through assessments. Design an awesome and engaging learners experience by applying your own instructional and graphical design to the course. Use our powerful publishing tools to deliver your learning experience to any device or any learning system.


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Udutu is an inexpensive All-in-One eLearning platform that allows you to create courses, distribute training and track & monitor results. Customers can quickly develop courses & track them on the LMS without the need to be technical experts or have any prior programming skills. Teams can access the tool without a license. This speeds up QA processes, increases engagement and reduces administrative burden post deployment.


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Office Mix

It’s true that we on the Office Mix team partnered with educators around the world to create an easy solution for turning PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons. But everyone who uses PowerPoint 2013 or higher can benefit from also using Office Mix. We discovered that many business people use it to offer required training because our rich analytics platform shows mix authors who watched their mix and how they answered the questions in it. So even though our hearts belong to teachers and students, our minds are committed to adding value to everyone who communicates their ideas using PowerPoint 2013 or higher.


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Adobe Captivate

Automatically create fully responsive content using innovative Fluid Boxes. Transform legacy courses to responsive eLearning with just a few clicks. Deliver beautiful fonts everywhere using Adobe Typekit integration. Design all types of content simulations, HD demos, assessments and more, with just one tool. Create storyboards using Adobe Captivate Draft, turn them seamlessly into attractive courses with more than 75,000+ free eLearning assets.


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HTML5 e-learning authoring software for creating amazing and ambitious responsive online and mobile e-learning. The authoring platform that helps ambitious teams create successful digital learning. Plus the expertise and support to help you get there.


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Office Mix

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